Wildcat Incentive Card
Wildcat Incentive Card
Eric Yu
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Card Criteria 

Not on academic probation or ineligible throughout the entire quarter. No disciplinary referrals (including cell phone & hall pass violations).

No more than 3 tardies. No more than 3 absences.

 **Each student’s eligibility for the incentive card will be based off the previous quarter’s data. There will be no cards given out the first quarter of each year.

 **Incoming freshman will not receive a card the first quarter of the year as the card has to be earned.

Incentives Include:

Recognition on the school website. Express lunch line.

First row parking.

Extra Credit—you get to choose 1 class to put this credit towards and it is at the teacher’s discretion as to how much credit you get. Teachers will hole punch the wildcat on the incentive card to indicate that the student has used their extra credit.

Quarter End Incentive

Party (bowling, movies, etc.)

Year End Incentive

At the end of the year, there will be a drawing for prizes. You must keep all your cards throughout the year and that is what you will use for the drawings. For example, if you get 3 incentive cards throughout the year, you can use all three cards to place into one drawing or you can spread them out put your name in multiple drawings.

There will also be an opportunity for a field trip for those who have held a card for 3 out of the 4 quarters.

Here is a list of students that received an incentive card for the 3rd nine weeks.

Andrea AndersonEva BerrySophia ArensZeke Ball
Kelsey BoschTanner BoyceEmma BeileEmma Barnett
Trinity CaseAlexis DavisLandon DelgadoOlivia Barrett
Benedetta ComoglioDestiny DodyTyler FloydKaley Boyce
Karsen DeWeeseGene FineySouthern HallAbigail Johnson
Michael DeWeeseAllie HoustonAleah HinesDanny Johnston
Kennedy DragonasAmber LandisKhylee MasseyKobin Kesler
Tyler GentryJarrett MorrisFaith MillerDarrett King
Levi MarcotteDaisy MurphyCydney MizeMichael Lindburg
Cecilie McKenzieJarrett WhiteMyra PhillipsHank Parks
Justin RedelfsEric YuRachel PrinceJohn Pringle
Joe RobinsonDebbie SparksTrey Rathke
Theron RowKaylyn Schrock
Alec TuckerMaKayla Scroggins
Caleigh Smart
Isiaiah Smith
Courtney Thompson