Mike Mathes
Thursday, July 05, 2018

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mike Mathes and I will be serving as your Superintendent for the next year or two.  I have hit the ground running and and am truly excited about all the possibilities for our students and communities this coming year.  Our end of the year budget looks good, and we are working on setting next year's budget now.

I know we have some district-wide issues we need to address and we all know we have some facility issues that need to be addressed. I have already met with several people across the district and will be meeting with many more of you over the next few months. After my initial contacts, I believe we can all come together and do what is best for EVERYONE in the district.  This is a huge district and we must always keep everyone involved in the decision making process. We must also remember that with such a large district, we all must accept compromise and understand that nobody will get everything they want, but we ought to be able to get everyone something!  I will be asking two very important questions as we move forward; what is it that we need to do, and secondly, what is it possible for us do? Those may be two very different answers.

As I spend more time with the Board and community members, I will begin to formulate and share with you, my ideas for possible solutions.  In the mean time we will be focusing on getting the buildings open for the new school year and making sure that every student who walks through our doors receives the best 21st Century education possible. 

I leave you for now with this thought. Don't look back. We are not going that direction! 

See you around the district! 

Mike Mathes