Reading Pre-School
Mike Mathes
Thursday, September 27, 2018

Reading Pre-School Need

We are considering starting a second pre-school for at risk or special needs children next year at Reading.  This would be in addition to the pre-school/daycare center in Allen. If you have a child who will be 3 or 4 years old next school year and could benefit from a formal full day pre-school program in the current Reading building, please contact the district office. We do not plan to provide transportation, so getting a student to and from Reading would be your responsibility. If there are enough children needing this service will begin planning for next year.

This service would be provided free to students who meet the criteria listed below.  All others would require a small fee yet to be determined.

4 Year Old At Risk Qualifications:

  1. Living in Poverty (qualifies for free lunch)

  2. Single parent household

  3. Teen Parent

  4. Either parent lacking a high school diploma or GED

  5. Limited English Proficiency

  6. Lower than expected cognitive, physical, social/emotional, or behavioral development  

  7. Child qualifying for migrant status

  8. Recommended by DCF

Again, contact the district office if you are interested in your child attending pre-school at Reading next school year.