COVID-19 Update

Dear North Lyon County School Community,

On August 31st the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) notified our school district that we were approved for The Test to Stay and Learn Grant for the next three years.  The USD 251 Board of Education voted to apply for this grant at the special board meeting held on August 23rd.  The Test to Stay and Learn plan provides the COVID-19 testing kits to test unvaccinated close contacts daily during the quarantine period with the goal of keeping close contacts who test negative on site, in-person learning, and participating in extracurricular activities.  Participate in this testing strategy eliminates the need for close contacts to miss in-person learning, and participation in extracurricular activities.  Please keep in mind that our school contact tracing in consultation with Lyon County Public Health will consider the circumstances of each individual close contact situation dependent upon several factors, including; low risk v. high risk activities, indoor v. outdoor activities, and time duration of the close contact.  Therefore, under some circumstances a modified quarantine at school may be allowed or not be allowed.  The final decision is at the discretion of the health department.

The Test to Stay and Learn plan is a voluntary opt-in program.  If you would like for your child to participate, the school is requiring that the parent or guardian sign a COVID-19 testing consent form.  Consent forms are available in each building and on the school webpage.  The grant provides the incentive of a $25.00 gift card for each student returning a parent signed consent to test form.  Students who opt-in, if approved for a modified quarantine, would be tested for COVID-19 by the school nurse each school day for the length of their quarantine period.  Students who continue to test negative will be allowed to continue in-person learning at school as well as continuing to participate in their extracurricular activities.  Low risk contacts that participate in modified “Test to Stay and Learn” quarantine must wear masks indoors while participating in in-person school or school sponsored activities.  Students who choose not to wear masks cannot participate in this modified quarantine plan.  In the event that you decide not to opt-in for the COVID-19 testing, your child would be required to remain at home in quarantine for the length of the quarantine.  Students qualifying for modified quarantines would have to be transported to school in private vehicles each morning until they have completed their COVID-19 tests and then they would be allowed to ride school transportation home in the afternoons or to their extracurricular activities.

The total three-year grant award is $457,102.  This will be budgeted for additional clinical staff, COVID-19 testing kits, PPE, technology hardware/software, and medical office supplies.


Robert W. Blair, Superintendent of Schools