New Phone Numbers
New Phone Numbers
Nicky Nuessen
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Please be aware... the school district has installed a new district wide telephone system over the past few months.  A final step is the change of our public phone numbers.  The phone numbers that you should start to use to reach the buildings are as follows:

  • Main Auto-Attendant:  620-481-2015
  • District Office:  620-481-2085     FAX 620-481-2017
  • NLC School:  620-481-2086     FAX 620-481-2054
  • NHHS:  620-481-2087     FAX 620-481-2028

These changes to the telephone system allows a unified district wide telephone system.  We can transfer calls between buildings, something that we were unable to do in the past.  It also allowed a telephone located in each classroom to help with both daily and emergency communications.  If the internet is down an incoming call will automatically be routed to an analog phone at the central office.

Please start to use the new phone numbers.  Remember to change any numbers you might have programmed into memory on your mobile devices.  The old numbers will be turned off sometime in the next few weeks.