School Bus

2023-24 City Stop Departure/Arrival Times for Buses

These times are subject to change!


       Morning Departure

6:35-Reading (NHHS/NLC)

7:08-Allen City (NHHS/NLC)

7:10-Allen Daycare (NHHS/NLC)

7:10-Americus (NHHS)

7:15-Admire (NHHS/NLC)


      Afternoon Arrival

3:18-Allen (NHHS)

3:25-Admire (NHHS)

3:40-Reading (NHHS)

3:40-Americus (NHHS)

4:26-Allen (NLC)

4:27-Admire (NLC)

4:55-Reading (NLC)


Please remember to be at the stops 5 minutes early. 


Please remind your students they are never to cross behind the bus.